Good Writing Vs. Bad Writing: Which Really Costs You More?

So, you’ve found a writer you’re ready to hire. Most likely you’ve made this decision based on two factor: experience and price. In some cases — say, for an internship position you’ve decided to create instead of paying a trained professional — you might have even ignored the former factor and focused strictly on price.

But are you about to make a great decision … or a grave mistake?

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Get it? It’s punny! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not to sound like Captain Obvious here, but just because many of us in the U.S. can write English doesn’t mean we’re any good at it. You’re probably seeking out the assistance of a writer because, at least on some level, you recognize this fact.

But do you really understand how important good writing is? Do you understand how much good writing can save you (and you business) and how much bad writing can end up costing you? Hating writing or acknowledging your own weaknesses in writing aren’t good enough reasons to hire the first person who comes along in your price range to do it for you.

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“But I can help, I swear! Where’s my banana peel?” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, let’s talk about bad writing. Bad writing in the form of a resume can cost you a job opportunity. Bad writing in the form of a blog can cost you customers. Bad writing in the form of an article can cost your publication credibility in the marketplace. Bad writing can damage you or your company’s reputation behind the scenes and online, and for these reasons and more, it’s something worth taking seriously.

Good writing, on the other hand, can land you an interview, earn you customers and followers, and help you build a brand. Good writing may have a larger number on its price tag than bad writing, but the return on investment will be greater, and you’ll avoid a lot of the costly problems that come along with what seemed at first blush to be cheap … but just ended up being bad writing.

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Bad writing is like cheap wine — it comes with a guaranteed headache. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “Can’t I find good and affordable writing?” The answer is yes, but like anything else, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. To help you in your quest for the ever-more-elusive good word, my next blog will cover eight qualities to look for in your next writer for hire.


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