About Me (and You)

I’m not telling you something you don’t already know when I say that not all writers and editors are created equal. Pay two writers or editors the same amount of money to write or edit something for you, and you will get two very different results.

Everybody is motivated by something, but not everyone will direct this energy toward a profession. Some people work for a paycheck; they work a job. Others work in a field because they have a passion for it; it is their career and then some.

The latter is the type of writer and editor I am. Reading and writing saved my life. Language provided me dreams when I had none, understanding when I lacked it, hope when I lost my own. Writing in particular has been the most challenging and fulfilling venture I’ve ever embarked upon, and considering I also took calculus, that’s saying a lot (at least in my book). I am reminded of all language has given me each and every time I wrangle with words; it is what drives me — my motivation.

Every day, I consider myself lucky to have grown up in a place and time where literature was given the proper attention it deserved; where careful eyes read, reread, and edited to finally deliver ideas clearly, eloquently, and expertly expressed through words. How would I have learned to read and write properly if writers and editors then were not doing their jobs well, were not knowledgeable about their craft?

I aspire to do as great a job with my writing and editing today as those people I read as a child and young adult did. I see what’s currently lacking in the marketplace, and I strive to bridge the gap. If you’re looking for the qualities I’ve described above to shine through in the writing that appears on your website, in your magazine — even on your résumé — I hope you’ll consider asking for my assistance, because I can help.

If you’re seeking high-quality writing and editing that combines creative craft elements with a critical eye, you’ve found the person who can offer it to you. The experience I’ve gained writing and editing in various arenas for over a decade — from marking up student essays to composing letters and reports for lawyers and private investigators, editing a literary magazine, creating copy for a health insurance company, writing for magazines, and more — has provided me with extensive versatility and flexibility as a writer.

In all of my positions, past and present, I’ve had to interact with a wide variety of people — from executives to teenagers — and I’m not afraid to chase down stories and the people behind them. I’ve conducted countless interviews and networked extensively at trade shows to be able to contribute to the planning and execution of editorial calendars and media products, pitch story ideas for myself and other writers, write and edit my own material, and build brands as well.

At the end of the day — whether in person, in print, or online — I know that developing genuine connections with people is the ultimate goal. (Why else do we attempt to communicate?) I look forward to the privilege of working with you on achieving this through the written word.


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