Marketing Writing Sample

The assignment: Generate content that can help sell bottle service to people between 21 and 38.

Question at hand: Is trying to create content for a group this large the best strategy, or would it be more profitable to segment out to different categories – in this instance, a 21-year-old girl and a 38-year-old businessman?

The approach: Three-fold. Sample 1 targets the entire range. Sample 2 targets females who’ve just turned 21. Sample 3 targets businessmen in their late 30s.

Sample 1:

Beat the Club Blues With Bottle Service

It’s a familiar sight on the Strip on a Saturday night: herds of people dressed to the nines and ready to party, yet sidelined, standing around in the casino waiting for who knows how long, buzzes fading, makeup melting or five o’clock shadows growing – just to get into one of the best clubs on the planet.

Have you been one of these people?

It’s OK to admit it; we’ve all been there. But I guarantee none of us have liked it.

So don’t let yourself be one of them again – not when there’s a simple answer to this problem.

Bottle service can save the day – er, night – every time. It all starts with you actually entering the club as soon as you arrive there, not after you’ve waited so long that your feet are already killing you and you’ve gotten a migraine from standing behind Dude Wearing an Entire Bottle of Cologne too long. With bottle service, you skip the line and head right to your very own table.

Yes, you read that right: You skip the line and go right to a table – a table that’s yours the entire night. So when you want to regroup, your glass is running low, or you do get tired (which tends to happen when you’re having the time of your life), you don’t have to try to text your friends to find them, wait in line at the bar, or lean against a wall. You have a place to congregate and chill – just like those bottomless bottles of your choice awaiting you.

Because if you’ve reserved bottle service, you’ve got servers refilling those for you like mind readers. They’ll even get you drinks from the bar if you get bored of the liquor you ordered beforehand, leaving you with nothing to do but have a great time – the reason you wanted to go to the club in the first place.

This is what a night in Vegas is supposed to be like.

So have the experience you were meant to have, the one that starts with your swift entrance into your favorite club and ends in … Well, there’s a reason for that old cliché about what happens in Vegas.


Sample 2

Just Turned 21? Bottle Service, Here You Come!

It’s the moment you’ve waited for the past 20 years, 11 months, three weeks, six days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds for – but who was counting? And you’re going to Vegas with your friends and now-legit ID to celebrate!

You’ve seen “Hangover.” You’ve heard some stories. You think you know what to expect, so you’ve packed your flask, some extra cash, and ballet slippers you can fit into your purse. You’re going to the club the night you arrive, and you’re all set.

Whoa, hold up – you’ve already done way too much work! This is your 21st birthday party in Vegas, not studying for the GRE. It should be easy. It should be different. Most of all, it should be fun!

So, ever heard of bottle service?

By reserving a table in advance at the club you’ve had your little heart set on all this time, you can keep those fierce heels you bought on, skip the line and cover at the door, and have whatever drinks you like waiting for you and your besties right there.

And those seats are yours all night, so you can leave your purses and jackets behind while you get your dance on, circle back and relax when you need a breather – even cozy up there with a hottie you met on the floor.

You’re only 21 once. Why not have the party you’ve always dreamed of? Be a VIP on your birthday with bottle service.


Sample 3

Why Bottle Service? Because You’ve Earned It

The day that technically started last night – when you took the red-eye and flew over two or more time zones to make it to Vegas in time for a 7 a.m. breakfast that led into a 8 a.m. general session and back-to-back meetings until lunch, after which there were hours upon hours of standing on the show floor – is finally coming to a close, and your hard work is about to pay off. You’ve gotten to the good part of the trip: hitting the club and releasing what steam you have left before you get up and do the grind all over again tomorrow.

So you and your colleagues head over to the club, and what do you see? A line a mile long just to get past the door. (And who knows what it looks like inside at the bar?)

After a long day at a convention or trade show, the two last things you want to do are 1) stand and 2) wait, so you have a hard decision to make: stay and stand … and wait … and stand … and wait, or leave defeated.

All this could’ve been avoided, of course, had you reserved a table for bottle service.

Bottle service guarantees your swift entry into the club of your choice, for starters (you’re already in the right clothes, after all, so use them). You have the drinks of your choice to mix the way you like them waiting for you at the table, where you can sit and relax separate from the riff-raff. You’ve got servers waiting on you hand and foot, and you’re getting the right kind of attention from the type of company you’d like.

You’ve worked hard enough all day. You shouldn’t have to work to enjoy what little free time you have left at night in Vegas. So make it easy on yourself by reserving bottle service.


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